The gem of the Colombian capital is undoubtedly the old town, the historic center of La Candelaria. A beautiful neighborhood, famous for the colorful buildings of Spanish colonial, baroque and art-deco architecture, countless museums and graffiti on the walls of old houses.

The area is quite large and it takes a whole day for someone to explore it, as most historical and modern attractions are located here: famous museums such as the Botéro Museum and the Gold Museum, the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center, the Colón Theater, Bolívar square with the statue of Simon Bolívar and the Cathedral, and much more.

Although we walked almost all of it, we focused more on the track than Bolívar Square and above, where the paved slime reminiscent of another era. In the colorful ground floor (or at most one floor) buildings with beautiful indoor gardens are housed in museums, public services, small hostels and cute cafes / restaurants, while others still inhabit locals.

Getting higher and higher up the hill you find fewer tourists and more scenic streets. Because we did not have much time at our disposal, we moved to the southeast side of the area for photos. La Candelaria is generally safe during the day, but in the evening it takes a lot of attention, as it is deserted, and the strangers who roam are easily made a target of robbery.

The police are constantly making patrols both inside the old town and around the ‘security zone’, from which tourists should not come out. We fled sometime outside, excited by the beauty of the area, we were walking and taking pictures to a point where we should not. How did we get it? at that time police passed, said that we were not allowed to move on that road and connected us back to the “safe area”.

The distance was only a few meters !! So we went back and continued our photographic tour of the rest of the historic city center without unpleasant surprises … The old town of Bogotá is a doll and if you follow the advice of the locals, it will give you only beautiful pictures and pleasant moments. Live it and enjoy it every moment without fear, but with a lot of passion !!!!


AUTHOR: Trips of our Life.


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