For some people, a trip to the African countries and the Sahara desert is a dream of life, not unfair. The expectations that are born through the stories that have been heard around North Africa surely fascinate and leave everyone with the desire to live them.

Thinking of the above, an ideal destination for a first contact with the African countries and the Sahara desert, is Tunisia. Stunned between Algeria and Libya, this small country has to offer its guests a number of contradictions to explore. On the one hand, its coastline with the many cities that make life unlearned and the Sahara Desert on the other.

Let’s start discovering the country from its capital, Tunis. This city on the northern coast of the country is a mix of Mediterranean and Arab civilization. Among the places that stand out in the city are Medina, which is the old town of the modern capital. Since 1979, a cultural heritage monument, Medina fascinates its visitors. Inside there are dozens of monuments, museums and mosques worth visiting.

In addition, do not miss the chance to wander in the many markets that are on its streets. Carpets, spices and small items are few of those that you have to bargain their price with local sellers. Continuing a walk in Medina, meeting with a Turkish bath is unavoidable. The visit there is one of the most authentic experiences that one can experience in Arab culture.

To the north of Tunis, in its suburbs, Carthage is there to partially change the images you have experienced in the center of the capital. Due to its history, the ancient monuments will not miss you. What distinguishes it from Tunis, however, is a favorite seaside neighborhood, which is no other than Sidi Bou Said.

The scene there is totally different. Everything looks like a painting. Blue and white houses blend incredibly with the cobbled streets, reminiscent of an Aegean island.

You will not have lived in Tunisia to the fullest if you do not visit the part covered by the Sahara desert. That is why we are heading south towards Douz. From there, there are many ways to explore it. Whether renting a vehicle with a driver or the traditional way, that is with camels even with a glider flying over it! Whichever way you choose, surely the beauty and quiet of the desert have to offer you a unique experience.

From the sellers’ benches in Medina, to the locals in Douz in the Sahara Desert, Tunisia has many stories to share with you. So he devoted more than a weekend to explore and perhaps create your own story.


AUTHOR: Alex Sofianos.


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