Some parts of the world follow in an unusual way the laws of physics or chemistry. Due to unique circumstances, it may seem that … stones are rolling alone in the desert or that ice suddenly “fumes” or that it gets a fire … a waterfall. All of them have some explanation, but they do not cease to create a mystery with their uniqueness.

Racetrack Playa, California

In the Valley of Death in the desert of California, the stones move on their own. For a long time, the way they were moved was mysterious, until recent research showed that the ice created by the night from the moisture melts and the stones move on to the water.

Moeraki rocks, New Zealand

These mysterious formations on Koekohe Beach are the result of a concentration of metals and other elements on the formations that gave them this shape.

Relampago Del Catatumbo, Venezuela

Due to altitude, humidity and winds, this place in Venezuela has the most lightning per square kilometer in the world (250 per year)

Longyearbyen, Norway

In the Norwegian archipelago, from April 20 to August 23, the sun never sets.

Red waterfalls, Antarctica

A strange phenomenon takes place in the Taylor glacier: Suddenly through the ice appears a liquid red as blood. The source eventually ends up being an underground lake full of iron that gives red color to the water. The strange here, however, is that there are microorganisms living in the underground lake because of the ayah and iron.

Sharsee, Iceland

This island did not exist before 1963. An explosion of an underground volcano on the islands of Vestmannaeyjar created this island in Iceland.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York

In the waterfalls in Orchard Park he runs methane. If someone lightens a cigarette lighter at this point, a fire is created that slowly fades away from the cataract.


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