About Us

Honeymooncy is inspired by Mr Demos Mitides, founder and CEO of the travel agency www.taxidoefkeries.com. HoneymoonCy takes you a step further by bringing the most unique destinations closer to you with just a click.

Choose the month you are interested in and find in seconds the ideal destination for your Honeymoon.

For the first time you are given the opportunity to upgrade your trip as you imagine it. For this reason, in most of our packages, we offer you 4 categories.

The Sugarmoon is the simplest, most beautiful package at the best prices in the market based on your preferences and budget.

Goldmoon & Platinummoon offer upgraded services according to what you would like to have in your destination and budget, and Diamondmoon that is the definition of opulence, comfort and perfection!

Trust us for the journey of your dreams…!