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Welcome to Universal Studios of Hollywood – Honeymooncy
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One of the first things that comes to mind when we hear the word America is definitely Hollywood! We all have seen and loved Hollywood productions, series and shows pretty much! A huge film industry, countless stars, huge sums of money, glamor and decadence, abuses, scandals and awards are just some of the elements that make up what we call the Hollywood industry!

And exactly where do these productions go? In huge filming facilities, such as Universal Studios!

Universal Studios are located in Los Angeles and cover an incredibly large area, almost a city we would say! In this city, you can find real production studios, old-fashioned production studios as well as scenes of well-known films and, of course, Universal Studios Park where you can spend moments of playfulness and play!

One day at Universal Studios

Rule basic, inviolate and now known to all! Start your day early! Especially if you have only a few hours at your disposal as we do! Calculate at 8.30 to be at the entrance of Universal Studios, where there will already be a queue of visitors!

For those arriving by car, you pay for the parking lot you choose, the closer you are, the more expensive and then you walk on the way to the entrance!

For you who arrives by metro there is a free shuttle bus that takes you to the entrance!

It goes without saying that you have to buy your tickets in advance with prices depending on the ticket you choose and have them printed! We chose the One day general admission ticket with 109 usd, which is the most classic and we personally think it is not worth anything more (for example, our visit to the studio was the curiosity and experience of the visit and nothing more).

We suggest hanging out at the entrance to the official entrance that has a ticket office and a simple entrance that will normally be closed! Sometimes while the world is gathering at one entrance, the other opens … we happened to us and we were running to prevent!

Study a little map to know where to run if you’re in a hurry!

Of course we were rushing to get into the classic tour that tends to become pretty kitsch anymore. The tour lasts 60 minutes and it was important for us who had the time to stay at a maximum of 4 hours at Universal Studios to get on the first run! This tour is included in the entry price!

Beyond the classic tour, families usually run on the train in the village of Harry Potter to take a turn! In the beautiful and thematic village you can go for a walk, train, taste delicacies and live a bit of the charm of Harry Potter, even entering small shops that bring you to fairytale movie scenes, all accompanied by the corresponding musical investment!

In general, there are plenty of activities you can try – enjoy:

In addition, you can eat fast food, juices, ice creams, chocolates, watch movies, get to know movie heroes and live scenes of action! In general, those who visit Universal Studios with kids will definitely need an entire day to ride it all up or maybe not all!

For the rest, half a day is enough! Note also that the more you stay there in the more prone to consumption you become! So take your measures because you are in the country of overconsumption !!!

The main highlight of Universal Studios for us was the Universal Studios sign itself, which is at the entrance of the site before the red carpet! Navigation is easy, you will not get confused, but do not forget to take a photo before you go in because you do not get out of the way! Do not touch it!

This was the magical world of Universal Studios, and we hope to bring you a little bit of the magic of the park, always in reasonable contexts and without the excessive exaggerations!


AUTHOR: Non Stop Travellers.


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