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Surrounded by white pristine beaches, Mauritius is a volcanic Island with plenty to explore and impressive green landscapes

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a fusion of tranquility and discovery, with pristine sun-kissed beaches to incredible tropical jungles and enchanting culture

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From Cancun's electric nightlife, the incredible ruins in Tulum and Playa del Carmen's pristine beaches, Mexico is a destination exploding with vibrant citys to explore

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Delve into Thailand’s tempting hotspots, from the bustling city of Bangkok to the charming Phuket Island, your Thailand escape is waiting…

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Brazil — a city rich in culture and surprises around every corner. Dramatically set between the mountains and the sea, Rio is home to so much.

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Each of the provinces into which Argentina is divided treasures attractions, destinations and sights beyond our imagination.

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Top Destinations

Have a glance at our top honeymoon destinations. From the bustling metropolis to an island of tranquility,
here you’ll find inspiration around every corner.


The old continent with its fairytale cities, medieval castles and the charming islands of the Mediterranean never ceases to amaze a traveler.

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Cosmopolitan cities, amazing spectacles and natural wealth of wildlife make up 1 of the 2 continents of America.

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From the icy peaks of the Andes to the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and the Amazon rainforest, Latin America invites you to discover it.

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Majestic ornate temples, exotic landscapes, sensual aromas, and flavors are just some of the things you will encounter on a trip to Asia.

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Get to know the colorful culture of the African continent, the Masai natives, go on a jeep safari in the savannah and see the wild flora and fauna.

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Gifted with endless natural beauty, a mixture of rainforests, deserts, golden beaches with coral reefs and huge cultural centers is a must destination for travelers.

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Whether it’s Mauritius in March or Sri Lanka in September, don’t let the weather ruin your honeymoon
and make the most of your honeymoon with our guide of when to go where.


Travel is for everybody! Here you will find all the package categories we have prepared with our dedicated Holiday Designers!

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