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New York: The Highlights – Honeymooncy
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New York, New York … When we talk about New York the many words are not poverty … but unnecessary! What to start and what to do! It has been the number one destination for travelers worldwide for years and may never miss this first in our preferences! A magical, seductive, mysterious city, majestic but also cruel – dark! One is certain, or will you worship or hate it? You in which category do you belong?

Attractions – Highlights:

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park (It’s huge, you will not see it all but walk even a bit of it) – Inside the central park has the belvedere castle which is very cute and has nice views! It was the largest man-made park until San Francisco’s park was built and it was the first! It remains number one in the hearts of all!

Empire State Building (If you do not have a huge queue you go, it’s not a fantastic thing) Alternatively you can climb the top of the rock or Tower One, which is now the highest point. One of all this, do not take the tops.

Grand Central Station (It is the largest metro station, very impressive, you will spend several times exploring the city) – personally I love the point because it has a perfume of another era, it makes a nostalgia and romance I love!Greenwich Village (Area with many bars – coffee, very beautiful area)

Chelsea – Meatpacking (Here’s a lot of bars and restaurants – go for a night)

Broadway (Get in and see which shows are playing – it’s very nice, it’s a little expensive but it’s worth it because it’s unique) It’s usually played well-known classical theatrical, so just pick one for the experience!

Madame Tussauds New York (If you’ve gone to London, do not go to it)

Madison Square Garden

MOMA (MuseumofModernArt – Go anyway, it’s impressive and has a perfect WineBar opposite the entrance)

Rockefeller Center (It’s very close to MOMA, you will surely spend it)

Soho – Little Italy – Chinatown (Here have many restaurants and bars, to SOHO has the best places for Brunch, it’s all fine)

Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island (Very touristy but because you logically go first, it is worth seeing it)

Times Square (Also very touristic but you will definitely pass, do not pay attention to all those who are dressed in Halloween because they are asking for money). Everything around the shops like hersheys, m & m, Disney etc is worth seeing and buying anything. And for souvenir the cheaper you will find Chinatown-type 12 keyrings for 10 dollars while times squares can be 5-10 dollars per keychain, and they are exactly the same.

Fifth Avenue – Madison Avenue (Here’s all Haute Couture type Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc. – it’s nice for Window Shopping and those who are loyal)

Ground zero, wall street

Be sure to take the meter across the street and walk the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan. It’s a perfect route.


Woodbury (It’s the huge discount center in New Jersey, pick the first before you shop anywhere else, here you need logic … a whole day and it’s about 1.5 hours out of New York)

Century 21 (It is a discovery center inside the city but it has a lot of junk, it wants a lot of searching but you can go for a walk)

Victoria’s Secret for Underwear classic inexplicable tourist market from America

Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s (if it has a sale and can withstand your wallet to go)


Odeon (Very nice food, OK prices)

Balthazar (Very nice for brunch – lunch, pinned)

Les Halles (French restaurant, has 2-3, go to whatever suits you, nice food, OK prices, eat onionsoup)

Cipriani’s (The most famous Italian in town, pinched – portions are small)

ABC (Of the best and best known in the city, pinched)

Sarabeth’s (perfect for breakfast – brunch, has in various areas and prices are OK)

More economical food (thankfully for us): burger king (burger), prêt a manger (morning, sandwhich), le pain quotidien (morning, sandwhich), chipotle (mex)


La esquina (Speak easy bar very cool awesome cocktails do not dare if you go from outside is deli and you go through the kitchen to enter the bar)

Apotheke (speak easy bar, too nice also has various music nights)

Please Do not Tell (Speak easy bar, it’s very cool and to get in you go into a burger place through a phone booth.)

Employees Only (Very nice bar, It’s said that the porter is called Jose, you’ve been told to ask him)

BOOMBOO Mat Standard Hotel (It is at the Standard Hotel’s rooftop and has fantastic views across the city, but it is a great one but it is worth to go once) And Le Bain is the club just under the rooftop

Jimmy at the James Hotel rooftop (very nice view of Soho)

Dead Rabbit (the lower floor looks like an irish pub and the upper floor is a sit down cocktail bar)

BOX (It is the most famous live show in the city, it has a very strict door)

Macao (It’s more club, gathers nice world, it’s for Friday – Saturday)

Electric Room (It’s a club and you get through a garage)

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar (Known Wine Bar)

The Shaksepeare (Cocktail Bar)

Suite 36 (American type bar)

Upstate (bar restaurant, very nice)

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar (Perfect for afternoon cocktails & barfood, is close to fifth avenue, perfect for after shopping)

Generally, you can use the yelp application that has ratings, comments etc. and is quite reliable!


AUTHOR: Non Stop Travellers.


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