Gondola is the undisputed symbol of Venice. The shiny black gondolas are so typical of the city and its own channels. However, the view that a gondola ride is only an overvalued “tourist trap” is gaining more and more supporters. But is this true?

Indeed, the gondola experience costs quite a lot. Specifically, the official price for a 30 ‘ride amounts to 80 €, and after 19:00 in the afternoon, for 35’, an amount of 100 € is required. However, a gondola ride in Venice is a literally unique experience, since nowhere else in the world there are no gondolas. Venice is perhaps the most special city in the world. Built entirely on the water, there is no better way to enjoy its excessive beauty than this place exactly: water.

So, as we have our reservations about whether the gondola ride is worth it, we decided not to leave Venice without even trying this experience. And fortunately we did. There are no words to describe how magical it is to see this incredibly beautiful city as the gondola caresses the surface of water from canal to canal. If you are lucky and your gentleman is a jolly man, he may give you a few turns from an old Venetian song. And then you will surely wonder if you are finally dreaming.

Follow our tips for an unforgettable experience:

– Do not be swept away by the websites that encourage travelers to book their gondolas for about 50 € per person. You will be crammed into strangers as the gondola officially accommodates up to 6 people and you will eventually pay more money because the simple walk costs 80 € per gondola and not per person. There is no need to book in advance. There are inexperienced gondolands all over Venice waiting for you.

– You agree beforehand with your gondolier during your walk and make sure he will charge you the official price set by the City of Venice.

– Ask your gondolier to take you on the smaller canals and avoid the Grand Canal. Neighborhoods such as Castello and Canarerito offer romantic strolls in the quietest and most scenic Canal of Venice.

– Finally, we recommend that you enjoy your gondola ride while the sun goes down and we promise you that you will not regret it.


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