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Is Thailand in your BUCKET LIST? If not, think again… – Honeymooncy
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wat arun at twilight

Thailand has never been a priority on our travel list. Being permanently portrayed in magazines and websites as one of the most popular exotic financial destinations for groups and backpackers, these were the two main reasons that we lost because we do not travel with either groups or backpackers.

But after extensive research, we decided to visit this desperately tourist but beautiful country and we realized that once is not enough … Why?

The beaches are unreal! Certainly some have become very touristy, so full that you can not even spread towel … but some others remain deserted, beautiful! Anyway, the color of the water is glittering, either emerald, or turquoise, or just blue! The sand is delicate and soft as a powder, the scenery around impressive with those towering rocks that spring up through the sea, the tropical vegetation, all make up a dream!

Thousands of exotic islands, large, small, inhabited, uninhabited, with hidden caves, endless beaches, amazing nature! From the well-known Samui & Phuket, Phi Phi, Pha Nga to the less tourists like Lanta, Similan, Tao, Lipe, it was really very difficult to choose where to go. It will be difficult next time. Literally thousands, except for the north, Thailand is wet everywhere by the sea. And since our base was Phi Phi, this time we stayed on the southwest coast of the country bordered by the Andaman Sea. Where there is an island named “Paradise”!

Tourist places are tourist for some reason. Because they probably have something to show. We are not against, just look at them and leave! That’s what we did. After the incredibly “bottled” Phi Phi Don and the beautiful Maya Bay, the best thing we experienced on the southern side of the country was the magical island of Koh Lanta.

Beaches without world, calm evening life, unique relaxed moments. An impromptu beach bar with a beach sandwich instead of a lounger, a bamboo bungalow under the cliff instead of a luxury hotel, an unknown beach that mostly locals go …

Animal lovers will find their joy in this country, as all the animals are calm and friendly. Cats live as kings and the fish are not only not afraid, but swim with you too!

Nature leaves you awake! National parks, lagoons, coral reefs, exotic flowers, dense, tropical vegetation and palm trees, palm trees !!!

The world-famous and mouth-watering Thai cuisine with Pad Thai as its most popular dish. Fried pancakes, soups, pork, chicken, seafood, exotic fruits, fried bananas and pineapples, cockroaches, crickets, worms, beetles !!

The permanently smiling inhabitants … are not called by accident “The Country of Smile”. As for the cultural heritage, we did not find anything remarkable on the southern side that we were staying. In the northern part of the country, there are ancient cities (such as the old Ayutthaya capital, just a few miles north of Bangkok), stunning Buddhist temples, historic palaces (most importantly Bangkok Grand Palace), ancient tribes and traditional festivals.

Without exaggeration, of the finest sunsets we have enjoyed so far, with beautiful orange-red colors in the sky and the sea, mainly from the west coast of Loh Lanta and Railay Beach in the Krabi peninsula.

Are you preparing your bags?


AUTHOR: Trips of our Life.


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