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It’s All It’s Way … Much more when this road is Route 66! – Honeymooncy
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Route 66 is a 3,940 km route from Chicago to Santa Monica, across 8 different states, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

But Route 66 (or – as the Americans prefer it – the Mother Road) is more than just a simple number of States you will cross or from miles you will travel.

It is an open road that symbolizes the hope, the thirst for freedom, the American Dream and, moreover, the expectation that the travelers will eventually discover (if they do not totally lose themselves) on their way …

So we started our epic journey from the skyscrapers of Chicago with the enthusiasm of young children who start for the wonderland!

Within 16 days we traveled back to time, in a nostalgic era of classic cars, retro plates and strange sightseeing of the historic route. We visited cities that managed to preserve their retrospection over the years, and others that disappeared completely after the new motorway was bypassed. We changed three different time zones and we saw incredible changes in the landscape. We have visited national parks of unique beauty and – by taking some detours – we have discovered more scenic routes.

Do they say too much for 16 days? It really was. We’ve loaded too much our schedule. And we underestimated the route. As a result, at the end of the day, we feel strongly that the time we devoted to some places was clearly inadequate …

But maybe this gives us a good excuse to come back? Hmm … Why not?!!?

Do you want to experience this unique experience? If so, I would like to give you the annual “Beautiful America – The National Parks and the Federal Recreation Areas”.

With this pass, if you plan to visit the United States in the next 11 months (the tournament was activated in early August), you will have free access to more than 2,000 national parks and federal recreation areas.


AUTHOR: Stavroula Anagnostopoulou.


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